Are you interested in planting a hemlock on your land? We have put together a list of nurseries that usually have hemlocks in stock. Once you purchase your new trees, check out our comprehensive guide on how to plant them with the highest chance of success.

Linville River Nursery
The North Carolina Forest Service grows seedlings of several tree species for purchase through their online store by growers and landowners. For the last few years, HRI has recruited volunteers to help contribute hemlock seeds to their growing program.

Availability: Purchasing from NCFS is a great choice if you want lots of trees. Containerized seedlings (<1 year old) are sold in various quantities. Both eastern and Carolina hemlocks are sold each year. Trees generally go on sale July 1. They often sell out quickly, so pay close attention to the availability on the website.

Phone: 888-628-7337

Colonial Acres Nursery
Colonial Acres Nursery grows and sells 150 varieties of accent and ornamental plants, trees, and shrubs in all sizes from 1-gallon to 2″ caliper trees. 

Availability: Eastern and Carolina hemlocks in various pot sizes including #1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, & 15.

Address: 2682 Hannah Ford Rd, Brevard, NC
Phone: (828) 577-3114

Mountain Meadows Nursery
Mountain Meadows Nursery specializes in unusual evergreens & conifers and raises miniature, dwarf, intermediate and large growing selections. The plants are locally grown in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and propagation is done at the nursery.

Availability: This nursery is a great choice for those interested in unique eastern hemlock cultivars. They grow 30 different varieties and are always on the lookout for others. Container sizes range from 1 gallon to 3 gallon.

Address: 40 Elkins Branch Rd, Weaverville, NC 28787
Phone: (828) 301-2184

Wildbud Natives
Wildbud Natives is a conservation nursery growing native trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses for restoration and conservation applications.  They also grow live stakes, plug trays, and seeds for applications such as meadow building or riparian restoration. 

Availability: Both Carolina hemlock and eastern hemlock are available in 1-gallon pots, and they also have field grown / bare root Carolinas. They plan to increase these offerings in the coming years.

Address: 600 Mill Creek Road
Marshall, NC 28753

Want to be included on this list or know of another nursery we should include? Send an email to or call (828) 252-4783.

The information below was voluntarily given to us by these nurseries in December 2022.

This document has been compiled by the Hemlock Restoration Initiative, a program of WNC Communities, with funding and support from the NCDA&CS. The mention of any commercial products, businesses, or services in this publication does not imply endorsement nor discrimination against similar products or services not mentioned by Hemlock Restoration Initiative or NCDA&CS.