This video demonstrates and discusses soil-based treatments for hemlock woolly adelgid. We created it as a resource for private landowners who want to chemically protect their own hemlocks as well as tree care professionals and land managers interested in soil-based systemic treatments for hemlocks.

The video covers the following topics:
    • Overview of HWA and insecticide treatments for hemlocks
    • Types of products available for hemlock treatment
    • Timing of treatment
    • Environmental considerations
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Mixing chemical and dosing for hemlocks
    • Detailed instructions for soil drench application
    • Using CoreTect tablets
    • What to expect from treatment
    • When to consult a professional

Funding for this video was provided in part through an Urban and Community Forestry Grant from the North Carolina Forest Service, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service Southern Region.

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