Reimagining Land Stewardship: A Nature Connection Workshop 

On March 6, join the Hemlock Restoration Initiative and experiential educator Helen Waite for a nature connection workshop. In this two-hour guided experience, we will refocus our attention and open up our senses. The workshop will take place at Holmes Educational State Forest near Brevard, NC, from 2pm to 4pm.

The overall purpose is to meditate on what it means to be a land steward. We often think of ourselves as above the land we are managing, making decisions and implementing strategies. Instead of this top-down approach, we will invite you to consider yourself an equal and integrated part of the ecosystem. Waite is known for her ability to draw from many cultures; during the session, participants can expect to explore the concept of what we might have in common with indigenous spirit. To sign up, fill out this form. You can also email Ally Melrose at or call (828) 252-4783.

If this workshop sounds like your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to sign up, as seats are limited. As a side note, you don’t need to have a career or be actively involved in land stewardship; anyone who feels a connection to the earth is welcome to join. This is our first time offering this event, and we are excited to see you out there!

The Hemlock Restoration Initiative is grateful to be able to offer educational programs in this difficult time. Despite the lifting of restrictions, we acknowledge the risk that COVID-19 continues to pose to members of our community. To maintain the safety of our event participants and staff, we requiring that all participants follow HRI’s COVID-19 safety guidelines. Anyone not following the guidelines on the day of the event will be asked to leave. Despite taking precautions, we cannot eliminate all risk of exposure and participants will be accepting some level of risk by choosing to attend. Please review the COVID-19 safety guidelines on our website to ensure that you are comfortable following these guidelines. Note: these guidelines may adjust depending on changing guidance from health authorities.