Tuesday November 1, 2016:  Volunteer Workday in Dupont State Forest

As the heat fades and we move into the fall, it is time to get back out in those woods and turn more hemlocks into HWA-free zones! The HRI has scheduled what may be our best hemlock treatment project yet.

We have a really exciting site picked out in Dupont State forest, the Sandy-Wintergreen Falls trail loop. This area is full of hemlocks (close to the trail!), including some mature Carolinas in wintergreen_dsf6_rawgood shape! It also has the added bonus of a swimming hole at the beautiful Wintergreen falls as the potential ending point to a rewarding day in the forest!!

We are so grateful to all of our dedicated volunteers who make these fun workdays possible and we are really looking forward to meeting some new folks as we together take on invasive forest pests and appreciate the wonder of our dynamic forests!

Contact Sara at info@savehemlocksnc.org for more details and to sign up.