In an effort to ease the financial burden on private land owners of chemically treating their trees, HRI is pursuing cost sharing programs.


Currently HRI is supporting a pilot cost sharing program in Transylvania County. Click here to see the informational pamphlet. If you have hemlocks on your property in Transylvania County that support water quality, you may be eligible to have part of the cost of chemical treatment covered. Click here for more information on applying at the Transylvania County Cooperative Extension webpage.

Treating hemlocks by soil injection

If you live in a different county in North Carolina and are interested in a cost sharing program for your area, please consider sending us a letter of support. We can use these letters to show the interest and need in the community for these programs when pursuing funding.  Below is a template you can use to draft your letter.

Please send your letter to:
Hemlock Restoration Initiative
WNC Communities
594 Brevard Rd.
Asheville, NC 28806

OR email a scanned version to:


Please contact us with any questions about cost sharing or submitting a letter of support.

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