In its February/March 2018 issue, the Appalachian Voice–published by the environmental advocacy non-profit, Appalachian Voices–featured two stories about the plight of eastern and Carolina hemlocks and efforts to save them in the Southern Appalachians.  One article by AV editor Molly Moore highlighted the Hemlock Restoration Initiative and efforts taking place in North Carolina to combat hemlock woolly adelgid.  The other article by Tamara Marshall Whiting, part of their regular Naturalist Notebook column, thoughtfully delves into the author’s experience learning about the plight of hemlocks in the South and the response from land managers.  She also explains the importance of hemlocks, both ecologically and culturally, to our region.

You can read Ms. Moore’s article “Fighting the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid in N.C.” and Ms. Whiting’s article “Can We Save the Mighty Hemlock?” on the Appalachian Voice website.