Hemlocks at the NCFS Linville Nursery

The NCFS is committed to the restoration of our native hemlocks and has partnered with HRI to help restore this species. This has included treatment of tens of thousands of trees and providing seedlings for restoration. NCFS is continuing that effort by using existing growing space to increase seedling production of this species so organizations and individuals have adequate plant material for their efforts.

This year, NCFS has seeded over 100,000 eastern and Carolina hemlocks in the Linville River Nursery greenhouse. These are treated seedlings, but are not resistant. NCFS first grew hemlocks last year in an effort to provide seedlings for restoration and to familiarize themselves with the cultural practices required for production, including germination protocols and storage options. Those seedlings sold out quickly. Orders for this year begin July 1st.

The current catalog and seedling store can be found at the NCFS Tree Seedling Store. Further details are included in the NCFS blog story entitled “A Second Chance For Hemlocks.”

UPDATE: This year’s stock of hemlocks is sold out, but check back to see if more are available next year.