Over the past few years, the Hemlock Restoration Initiative has worked in tandem with FIND Outdoors and the Cradle of Forestry to advocate, educate, and actively preserve our threatened eastern and Carolina hemlocks. In another step towards that goal, we were happy to learn that FIND Outdoors and the Cradle of Forestry will be opening a new Citizen Science Lab exhibit. The exhibit will highlight the hemlock tree’s role in our forests and the invasive hemlock woolly adelgid decimating our eastern and Carolina hemlock population. Through the Citizen Science Lab, children will monitor the hemlocks at the Cradle, contributing essential data over time, as well as continuing to raise awareness about the hemlock and its fight against the adelgid. On top of the exhibit, FIND Outdoors recently published their first edition of Research FINDings. Research FINDings is based on Forest Service science appearing in the National Enquirer. Their first publication is dedicated to the hemlock woolly adelgid and how it can affect our native streams’ water levels. Check it out here.