The Paddlers Hemlock Health Action Taskforce (P.H.H.A.T.) was recently featured in an article in The Laurel of Asheville.

The P.H.H.A.T. team. Photo courtesy of MountainTrue.

Emma Castleberry wrote about the team’s hard work saving hemlocks in the Green River Gorge in her “Conservation Corner” feature. You can read her story on The Laurel’s website.

P.H.H.A.T. is a collaboration between the Hemlock Restoration Initiative, MountainTrue, American Whitewater, and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. With resources provided by each of the partner organizations, kayakers volunteer their time and talents to treat hemlocks along the banks of the Green River that are otherwise inaccessible.

This story highlighted Alex Harvey, a dedicated hemlock helper who plays an important role in mobilizing his fellow paddlers to join the P.H.H.A.T. team.

Visit to learn more about the P.H.H.A.T. Green River project.