Step 1: Do you have hemlocks?

If YES, go to Step 2.
If NOT SURE, click the link to get help identifying your tree: Is it a hemlock?

Step 2: Is your hemlock infested by hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA)?

If YES, go to Step 3.
If NOT SURE, click the following link to get help identifying HWA and other common hemlock pests: HWA Identification Guide
If NO, do not treat for HWA. Why?

Step 3: Assessing the severity of the situation

Click on the following link to determine whether your trees will respond to treatment: Hemlock Health Assessment Guide

Step 4: Location

The setting in which your trees are located may influence your treatment options. Please select from the following list to learn about location-specific considerations:
  • Open, landscaped or yard-like environment
  • Forested, closed canopy
  • Steep slopes
  • Wet, seepy areas with saturated soils
  • Sandy soils
  • In immediate proximity to flowering plants

Step 5: HWA treatment options

Click on the following links to learn about chemical treatment options: General HWA Treatment Info, HRI Simple Soil Drench Instructions
Do you live in Transylvania County? If so, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance to treat your trees. Click here for more information!

Still have questions?

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Send us photos to help us better inform you. Here is a document on how to take useful photos: Photographing a Tree