The Forest Restoration Alliance (FRA)


The FRA is a non-profit group of researchers, led by NCSUs Dr. Fred Hain, which spans universities, the National Arboretum and the USDA Forest Service. To achieve its goals of long-term forest stability the group researches mechanisms for tree resistance and, based on the successful program established by the American Chestnut foundation, works to breed hemlocks, firs and other native trees that are resistant to invasive forest pests. Learn more about the FRA on their website.

One way that the HRI supports the work of the FRA is trough co-hosting volunteer workdays. These days are an opportunity for volunteers to get an inside look at the detailed exciting work of the search for HWA resistant hemlocks and volunteers provide hands on help to scientists in maintaining and monitoring valuable seedlings and test plots at the FRA selective breeding facility in Waynesville North Carolina. To learn more about upcoming volunteer workdays see HRI’s upcoming events.